Harley-Davidson Review: Softail FLSTF Fat Boy

harley-davidson-softThe 2012 Softail Fat Boy is another classy cruiser from the Harley-Davidson brand. Despite coming from an old line, this motorcycle with its custom-looking architecture, great performance, and modern technologies still captures the eyes of bike lovers.

The Softail FLSTF Fat Boy is called such because of its fat bars, fan fenders, fat tires, and the hefty and poweful Twin Cam 103B powerplant. The engine is air cooled and outputs 1690 cc or around 6% more compared to the Twin Cam 96B that it replaced. It is linked to a 6-speed transmission. The big boy consumes returns a fuel mileage of 42 mpg.

The new version of the Fat Boy comes with a larger odometer readout that comes with more information for the driver like RPM data and gear position. Harley-Davidson also throws in the option for a Smart Security System and an ABS.

The 2012 version of the Harley-Davidson Fat Boy has a new rigid-mounted, powerful, counter-balanced engine with ESPFI or Electronic Sequential Port Fuel Injection; a low profile; and internally-wired 1.25-inch handle bar. There are also new options for the paint finish.

This version of the Fat Boy comes with a trip switch for the odometer, a button for hazard warning, easier to read odometer, and more accurate fuel-level feedback .

If you love some bling, the Softail Fat Boy has chromed front fork nacelle, oil tank, tank console, headlamp, handle bar, tank strap, and seat valence.

A lot of imitators have been trying to copy this beautiful bike through the years but they cannot duplicate its magic.

Spotlight: FLD Dyna Switchback by Harley-Davidson

Are you looking for a customisable touring bike? If you got money to spend, one of the top choices in the market today is the FLD Dyna Switchback from Harley-Davidson. It has detachable windshield and hard saddlebags so you can easily customize this street cruiser to fit your taste in a matter of seconds.

2012-harley-davidson-fldIt is a hardline tourer when you look at it but the Switchback can be turned into a street cruiser sporting 5-spoke rims made of cast-aluminum, mini-ape handelbar, and a shiny headlamp nacelle. Of course if you are going on a long drive for the weekend, you can simply re-install the things you removed.

The Harley-Davidson Switchback is also considered the lightest in its category making it a very versatile cruiser with some dose of attitude. The design line evokes some classic looks and the bike’s elemets guarantee a comfortable ride.

The Switchback comes with a very potent 1690cc Twin Cam powerplant that gives out a strong performance whether you are cruising on the highway or along the city streets. A chrome exhaust that comes with a straight cut muffler has been installed to provide that deep tone while its suspension has been tuned for precise handling and comfort. The front fork measuring 41.3 mm works in tandem with a 20mm catridge to enhance damping performance, ride comfort, and handling.

The 103 Twin Cam engine is rubber-mounted within the Switchback’s frame. This engine has a torque of 100 ft-lbs while revving at 3,500 RPM. It is mated with a six-speed transmission.

This bike has a 4.7 gallon fuel tank, full-length rider footboards, and is passenger ready. If you are a sucker for chrome, you got the glimmer for the bikes fork covers, tank console, and headlamp nacelle. There is also an option to bundle Anti-lock Braking System and Smart Security.

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Harley-Davidson line-up: 2013 Street Bob

Harley-Davidson wll be celebrating its 110th year next year and it will be rolling out some cool bikes. Among the the motorcycles to be rolled out next year is the warmed-over HD Street Bob.

harley-davidsonThe 2013 Street Bob will be in a Vivid Black finish with a sticker price of $12,999. It will be the most affordable of the brand’s Big Twin offering for next year. What makes the Street Bob a very reasonable buy is its no frill-lls and stripped-down construction. It is a perfect platform if you want to customize the bike. Harley-Davidson has recognized this and also expanded its custom options . Harley gives consumer more choices when it comes to paint finishes, seats, wheels, foot controls, handle bars, and engine finishes that come in chrome or black.

For those who are interested to buy the Street Bob, customizing it using the Bike Builder on Harley-Davidson’s website may save you some money and a lot of time. For example, for riders who are at least six feet in height, you might find that the forward controls option will come better than the stock configuration which are mid-mounts. The mid-mounted controls are a bit confining for a big rider. You can pretty much setup everything to have drag bars and forward controls for about $360.

The designers at Harley-Davidson also implemented some style makeover:

  • Bar and Shield treatment for the round cover of the air cleaner

  • Blacked out cover of battery box, powertrain, and triple clamps

  • Side-mounted license plate on chopped rear fender

  • Rubber handle bar risers using a forged top clamp

New body paint options to include a two-tone option or custom colors from Harley’s Hard Candy options. Harley has expanded the options for these colors after the warm reception of the Hard Cand Big Red Flake finish of the Seventy-Two that was released this year.

Harley-Davidson rolls out XL1200V Sportster 72

harley-davidson-sportster-72The development team of Harley-Davidson has this good habit of looking into the past for inspiration for their new models. Truly, nostalgia is good business. After rolling out the Forty-Eight, the motor company release the Seventy-Two.

The XL1200V Sporter 72 takes inspiration from the Whittier Boulevard which used to be called the Route 72. The motorcycle reflects an era when kids try to emulate their dads who rode Choppers by tweaking their Sting-Ray bikes. These Sting-Rays hand high handlebars and banana seats. They were very colorful and had a good dose of metal flakes.

The Harley Davidson Sportster 72 has metal flakes shouting thru its Hard Candy Big Red finish This look is created by layering a black base under hexagon-shaped flakes of polyurethane with a thin layer of aluminum then a red tint is added.

The crowning glory of the bike is the 72 logo on its peanut tank. There is also the pinstriping and scallop details on the front and rear fenders. The look is completed by the Dunlop whitewall tires.

The Sportster 72 depends on an Air-cooled 1200 cc Evolution with V-Twin 4 valves with fuel injection. This powerplant can grunt out 73 lb-ft of torque while revving at 3,500 rpm. The engine transfers the power to the wheels via a 5-speed manual transmission.

The suspension system is made up 39-mm front porks that allows a wheel travel of 5.69 inches. The rear gets dual adjustable shocks that permits wheel travel of 2.12 inches. The braking of the bike is handled in front by dual piston single rotor and a single piston for the rear.

The 72 has a wheelbase of 60 inches, length of 89.4 inches. Its seat height is pegged at 28 inches. It tips the scale at 545 lbs. The tank can hold 2.1 gallons of fuel.

The Harley-Davidson Sportster 72 has a starting tag price of $11,199 not including shipping.

Harley Davidson styling guru Willie G. set to retire by end of April

After almost 50 years as the top executive of styling Harley-Davidson, Willie G. Davidson will be retiring come the end of April 2012.

Willie G., the Chief Styling Office and Senior VP of Harley-Davidson, is considered as a legend in the motorcycling world and considered as a great inspiration for motorcycle designers. He is not completely going into retirement though as he will still be the brand ambassador for events and motorcycle rallies. Willie G. will also act as Chief Styling Officer Emeritus.

Thru the years, Willie G., who is now 78, led the design team of Harley-Davidson to be on top of the motorcycle world producing custom, touring, and cruiser bikes. The design baton will be passed on to Ray Drea who has been with Harley-Davidson for 19 years and holds the position of VP and Director of Styling. Drea has collaborated thru the years with Willie G. in the production of some of the famous rides of the brand.

Practically anyone who has an interest in motorcycles owes a lot to Willie G. and good thing he has nurtured fresh talents at Harley-Davidson so his legacy will go on. He will continue his work as ambassador and will be talking to customers, signing jackets, and meeting riders during rallies of bikes around the globe.

Willie G. is the grandson of William A. Davidson, one of the founders of the company, and William H. Davidson’s son who was the second president of the company. Willie G. became the first styling head back in 1963 when he first joined the firm. Some of the landmark creations of the design team spearheaded by Willie G. are the Super Glide (the bike that started the custom motorcycles category back in 1971), Heritage Softail Classic, Low Rider, V-Rod, Fat Boy, and Street Glide.

He is among the 13 executives of Harley-Davidson who bought the brand from AMF Inc in the early 1980s.

Harley-Davidson CVO: 2012 Street Glide

2012 CVO Street GlideWe put spotlight on another beautiful Harley-Davidson bike created by its in-house custom design arm. These CVO motorcycles kick off as the usual Harley OE-models and then the design team works their magic adding the goodies from Harley’s accessories and parts department. Today we look into one of this year’s successful Harley-Davidson CVO bikes – 2012 Street Glide.

The CVO Street Glide is very popular with bikers for its styling, smooth power from its 96 cu.in. Twin engine, handling performance, wind protection, and comfort level. Around 3,500 units of the CVO Street Glide will rolled out this year from the Harley factory each with a tag price of $32,699.

Don’t expect more chrome for the Super Glide but if you love riding and music going together, this bike from the Harley-Davidson CVO lineup. The bike gets two more 5×7 inch speakers in its saddlebag beefing up the sound setup to eight speakers. There is also the new amplifier with a 200 watt output also doubling the total wattage to 400 watts compared to its older version. In short, the 2012 Street Glide is one loud boom-box!

The sound quality of the setup is excellent. You can clearly hear everything even while cruising more than 80 mile per hour, wearing earplugs, and your helmet. This Harley also comes standard with an iPod nano that can be manipulated from the switchgear controls.

The 2012 SG still rolls on Agitator wheels for the front and rear on Mirror Chrome finishing. The designers also gave the chrome touch for the mirrors while the emblem gets a red backlight.
The bike also has a low-profile saddle to ensure comfort when you ride the bike. The backrest and the pillion pad are detachable.

The only downside to this bike is its rear suspension which only has around 2-inches of travel. This is the compromise you have to make when you want a sleek, low profile bike that has no choice but to have that slammed stance. Storage is also very limited because of the additional speakers.

The CVO Super Glide was rolled out in Ruby Red, Hot Citrus, Dark Slate, Black Diamond, and Antique Gunstock.

Harley Davidson Review: 2012 Dyna Super Glide Custom

2012-Harley-Davidson-Dyna-Super-Glide-CustomSuper Glide is a name that has been part of the Harley Davidson brood for more than four decades. The Super Glide which was first used in early 70s. The Super Glide version for 2012 still keeps it consistent with the classic styling of Harley—low seat good ergonomics, and an air-cooled V-Twin engine.

The new Super Glide Custom or SGC though is built to cruise thru the modern biking era having features such as fuel injection that gives it a better response time, and rather than a kickstart, you have an electric start. The Harley Davidson 2012 SGC also integrates simple features that bikers will appreciate like the new switch gear that is more ergonomic and the headlamp flash-to-pass button. It also has an LCD inset with RPM and gear indicators. This Harley also has turn lights which are self-cancelling.

The Simple Glide Custom also gets a better ECU and better electrical system which reduces the volume of the wiring needed for the bike. Consumers also have an option to get an ABS as a component of the Security Package. Another option to upgrade the 2012 SGC will be Chrome Profile spoke wheels.

Classic ride and look

The Harley Super Glide Custom has a low seat at just 26.5 inches high which makes anyone of average height to get on and ride it comfortably. The handle bar that has a buckhorn configuration is also placed well and doesn’t need any effort to reach from the low seat.

One downside of the bike though is the 3.1 inch suspension for the rear which does not handle well on larger bumps on the road even when the driver is of minimal weight. Nonetheless, the bike rides smoothly when the roadway is good. With the very low ride also come its limited lean angles. You can only lean up to 30.9degrees towards the left and 29.5 to its right.

The Twin Cam engine with 1584cc though deserves the spotlight. This powerplant can give out around 64.5 horsepower at around 5,000 rpm with a torque pegged at 81.8ft-lb when revving at 3,250 rpm.
The Harley Davidson 2012 SGC is not the perfect bike. It has its weak points but these things can be resolved with some aftermarket shopping.
The 2012 SGC has a tag price kicking off at $12,999.

Harley Davidson releasing sportiest XR1200X in the US by 2011

Harley Davidson is set to release the finest Sporster, the XR1200X, to the American market by 2011. The XR1200X is being exported to other markets this year and will be hitting US dealerships by next year with a sticker price of $11,799.

Although we are wondering why a brand that boasts of a long American heritage first sells its finest product to the European market, we whole heartedly welcome the coming of the XR1200X. This Harley Davidson makes use of a 1200cc fuel injected V-twin engine. The bike gives out 74 lb-ft of torque and is designed to take a lean angle of 40 degrees.

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The Advantages Of Bikes Over Cars

bikedetailMost people automatically opt to drive a car without ever really considering the option riding a motorcycle. While there are certainly some disadvantages to riding a bike there are also many advantages of bikes over cars. The biggest advantage of a bike is how little fuel it uses, this becoming a bigger and bigger advantage all the time as fuel prices keep getting higher. Obviously riding a motorcycle isn’t an option for everybody but for a lot of people it is a viable transportation option and should be considered.

The biggest advantage of a bike over a car is cost, bikes are much cheaper than cars. The purchase price of a motorcycle is usually quite a bit less than a car, although this isn’t always true, there are some very expensive bikes. Even more importantly the cost of operating a bike is much lower than the cost of a driving. Bikes use a lot less fuel than cars and a good motorcycle insurance is way cheaper according to www.carolenash.com, these two things can result in savings of thousands of dollars every year.

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Ford Collaborates with Harley-Davidson for F-150 Spotlight in Chicago

A fighter-plane-inspired automobile has been unveiled last year. This 2009, the Ford F-150 receives a Harley-Davidson treatment, as it was unveiled during the Chicago Auto Show.

A brilliant partnership between two of the well-known names in cars and motorcycles, Ford and Harley-Davidson has been successful in creating a biker-inspired model of the Ford F-150, the 14th F-Series truck that has received the motorcycle design since the year 2000.

The Ford F-150 is powerful with its 5.4-liter V8 engine that has 320 horsepower and 390 lb-ft of torque. This power train is partnered with a six-speed automatic transmission. The exhaust system of the Ford F-150 also gets a sport-tuned feel. This biker-inspired truck features a two-wheel drive system or the optional four-wheel drive option.

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