Harley Davidson XL1200N: Bad-ass sportster

If you have ever wondered where the American Police gets its supplies of motorcycle then the answer is Harley Davidson. Those beautiful, sleek and to-die-for motorcycles come from one of the biggest motorcycle producing company in the world. The company has its headquarter in Wisconsin, USA. Since its establishment in 1903 the company has been producing models that anyone would do anything to have. Although, since its foundation the company has to go through many ups and downs but still today it is earning more revenue then any other motorcycle producing company.


Harley Davidson has introduced many revolutionized models but one of its worth mentioning model is the XL1200N model from the SPORTSTER series. The model’s rear fender is clean and chopped to give the look that all other models have ever lacked. This model has a 1200 CC V-Twin engine which has been specially Rubber Mounted into the specially designed SPORTSTER frame. The motorcycle has the added feature of High performance Carbon Fiber Drive Belt. The XL1200N comes with a 3.3 Galleon Fuel tank. You can enjoy the motorcycle in any color you want however, the best color you can opt for is black due to all the company manufactured, black colored features such as 19” black, laced front and 16” black, laced rear wheels, black finish hand and foot control, black brackets and black front fork gaiters.