The Advantages Of Bikes Over Cars

bikedetailMost people automatically opt to drive a car without ever really considering the option riding a motorcycle. While there are certainly some disadvantages to riding a bike there are also many advantages of bikes over cars. The biggest advantage of a bike is how little fuel it uses, this becoming a bigger and bigger advantage all the time as fuel prices keep getting higher. Obviously riding a motorcycle isn’t an option for everybody but for a lot of people it is a viable transportation option and should be considered.

The biggest advantage of a bike over a car is cost, bikes are much cheaper than cars. The purchase price of a motorcycle is usually quite a bit less than a car, although this isn’t always true, there are some very expensive bikes. Even more importantly the cost of operating a bike is much lower than the cost of a driving. Bikes use a lot less fuel than cars and a good motorcycle insurance is way cheaper according to, these two things can result in savings of thousands of dollars every year.

Since bikes burn less fuel than cars they are better for the environment and this is another huge advantage of a bike over a car. Global warming is a serious problem and there is an urgent need to reduce our carbon foot print. The best way to do this is to get around on a vehicle that burns less fuel. The difference in the amount of greenhouse gases emitted by a motorcycle and by a car over the course of a year is huge. A car is a very inefficient way to get around, especially if you aren’t carrying any passengers. If everybody traded in the car for a bike it would do wonders for the environment.

Another advantage that bikes have over cars is that it is so much easier and cheaper to park them than it is for a car. In large cities this is no small detail. In most cities parking can be a nightmare and assuming you can even find a place to park it will likely be very expensive and located a long way from where you are actually going. Since a motorcycle takes up so much less space it is much easier to find a place to park a bike.

Not everybody is going to find a bike to be practical option but for those who do there are many advantages to riding a motorcycle. Far and away the biggest advantage is how much money can be saved. Most of that savings comes through burning less fuel which itself has other advantages mainly for the environment. The decision to ride a bike or not is a pretty big one and it should not be taken lightly. The best option is to gather the facts and make an informed decision.