Harley Davidson Review: 2012 Dyna Super Glide Custom

2012-Harley-Davidson-Dyna-Super-Glide-CustomSuper Glide is a name that has been part of the Harley Davidson brood for more than four decades. The Super Glide which was first used in early 70s. The Super Glide version for 2012 still keeps it consistent with the classic styling of Harley—low seat good ergonomics, and an air-cooled V-Twin engine.

The new Super Glide Custom or SGC though is built to cruise thru the modern biking era having features such as fuel injection that gives it a better response time, and rather than a kickstart, you have an electric start. The Harley Davidson 2012 SGC also integrates simple features that bikers will appreciate like the new switch gear that is more ergonomic and the headlamp flash-to-pass button. It also has an LCD inset with RPM and gear indicators. This Harley also has turn lights which are self-cancelling.

The Simple Glide Custom also gets a better ECU and better electrical system which reduces the volume of the wiring needed for the bike. Consumers also have an option to get an ABS as a component of the Security Package. Another option to upgrade the 2012 SGC will be Chrome Profile spoke wheels.

Classic ride and look

The Harley Super Glide Custom has a low seat at just 26.5 inches high which makes anyone of average height to get on and ride it comfortably. The handle bar that has a buckhorn configuration is also placed well and doesn’t need any effort to reach from the low seat.

One downside of the bike though is the 3.1 inch suspension for the rear which does not handle well on larger bumps on the road even when the driver is of minimal weight. Nonetheless, the bike rides smoothly when the roadway is good. With the very low ride also come its limited lean angles. You can only lean up to 30.9degrees towards the left and 29.5 to its right.

The Twin Cam engine with 1584cc though deserves the spotlight. This powerplant can give out around 64.5 horsepower at around 5,000 rpm with a torque pegged at 81.8ft-lb when revving at 3,250 rpm.
The Harley Davidson 2012 SGC is not the perfect bike. It has its weak points but these things can be resolved with some aftermarket shopping.
The 2012 SGC has a tag price kicking off at $12,999.